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Mike Millar               CFI-UK Vice President

Hello all Fournier Lovers! I’ve never blogged before, but I’ve just discovered the Blog option on the new website that I’m trying to get to grips with, so I thought it would be worth giving it a try.

Having struggled for years with the old CFI-UK website and lost my free hosting option by changing my internet provider, Andrew Clymo’s son, Ben, very kindly offered to host the site. But this was not without its problems, mainly because Ben quite reasonably couldn’t give me unrestricted access to the site on his server.

However, last year CFI set up a new website with a  new webmaster, Philippe Bezard and the CFI site has the option of hosting additional sites. So Michel Leblanc, our ever hard working president, very kindly agreed that we could set up a new UK site here. So now I’m trying to get to grips with WordPress, which describes itself as a ”powerful semantic publishing platform” whatever that means! It’s quite complicated for an internet numpty like me (I’m much happier with things like ‘file’ and ‘Basic’ programming – shows my age!). But, most importantly, its FREE! There are a lot of features in WordPress. Philippe gave me a session  leaning the basics last year, but after some time struggling to understand the rather obscure (to me) architecture of the WordPress editor I decided that perhaps I really should read the manual, and found that Blogging was one of the main features of the system. So I thought I ought to give it a try. I’m not sure how useful or interesting this blog will be to members, but here we go……

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  1. Juliet Delta

    Test comment – fantasic blog! Well I would say that wouldn’t I since I wrote it…. VP.

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