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The plans of Monsieur René Fournier have been digitised by CFI for the members of CFI…

How to obtain plans of RF motorgliders?

Principles :

  • The plans of Monsieur René Fournier have been digitised by CFI for the members of CFI in order to facilitiate RF owners in repairing their aircraft.
  • The RF plans, available in electronic form (in pdf format), are free for CFI members up to date with their Club membership.
  • Plans are available for the RF3, RF4, RF5, RF6B et RF9.
  • In the event of a request for a complete package, for whatever reason, the provision of plans is chargeable. It requires the prior consent of the Fournier family, who hold the copyright.

How to order your plans ?

  • You must go to the CFI France website www.club-fournier.org then access the section reserved for CFI members using your username and password. If you do not have these items, ask the Web Master for them, his contact details are in the directory.
  • Then go to the Downloads section, then RF plans. You can access the complete list of plans for your machine. Choose the plan (s) you need from the names given and write down the reference of those plans. To facilitate your research, the plans are classified by sub-parts (caockpit, landing gear, ailerons, etc.)
  • Then click on the link ‘Request plans’. You will find the RF Plan Order Form. Fill in all the boxes as well as the list of plans ordered. Then click at the bottom of the Form on the “Send the request” button.

How to receive your plans?

  • After checking the validity of your CFI membership, the plans will be sent to you by e.mail with the procedure for downloading them.
  • Once the download is complete, you can view the plans on your screen, or have them printed at scale if necessary, by going with your plans in electronic format, to a copy-service equipped with an ad hoc plotter.

I want to build an RF, I need a complete set:

– Place your order by writing directly to M René Fournier, La Halbuterie, 37270 Athée sur Cher

– As soon as Mr. René Fournier gives his agreement to the CFI, we send you the DVD containing the requested package.

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